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About Me

My name is Uma N. Rao
My full name is Umadevi NAGESWARA RAO.
I was born and brought up in that fantastic city called Chennai,
in the state of Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

the sacred dimension of music


At the age of 6, the sacred dimension of music came and crossed my life thanks to my grand-father Venugopal.

He was a Morsing Player and also the Intendant of the temple of our city (Sri Prasanna Venkatesha Perumal Temple).

With the guidance of my grand-father who is still now my first and favorite inspiration, I have started to sing bhajans (devotional songs) in temples and during religious ceremonies.

My grand-father, that great soul supported me till the end of his life. That time I was 12 years old.

the classical dimension of music


When I was 13, my musical path led me to learn Carnatic music (South Indian classical music) under the teaching of my first Carnatic Guru, Prithvi Sri Ramulu Vidhvan.

He learned me Carnatic music with a lot of passion and patience until his passing.

the competition dimension of music


At the age of 21 and during 4 years I sang for many TV channels. In fact every TV channels in India has it’s own singing competition program.

2006: Title winner of “Paatthuku Paatthu”.
Hosted by Gangai Amaran Sir for Sun TV.

the technical dimension of music


During 4 years I have continually sang in recording studios:

2008: Gudumbha Shankar

2008: Udhikkum pookal

2010: Kalavani


the rigorous dimension of music


At the age of 22 I was blessed to meet my second Carnatic Guru Kalaimaamani Ammapettai Krishnamurthy Ayya.

I am very lucky to be his student till now.
With the help of this great Scholar, my vocal technics improved a lot and continue improving.

the abroad dimension of music


At the age of 25, after marrying a French citizen I joined him in Paris, FRANCE.
Some months after I participated at some singing contest organised by the Indian and the Sri-lankan communities in Paris and I won some prices:

2011: Title Winner of Raga Sangamam

2011: Title Winner of …

2012: Title Winner of Shrutilayah…

Thanks to that some music bands called me to sing for them during musical events and light music programs.